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People of many cultures and lifestyles—Koreans, Chinese, African Americans, Hispanic, gays among others—are breaking into traditional Protestantism and forming their own churches. They are creating new ideas and introducing new views toward questionable lifestyle and unorthodox practice. They bring new faces of many colors and creeds to the traditional faiths. It is not surprising that they are beginning to form their own "establishment" alongside the old.

CATHOLICS USA: Will they survive?
The Catholic Church today is beset by three critical problems: priests accused of child sex abuse, by an ever-diminishing clergy and by its refusal to allow the ordination of women. Many are asking the troubling question, Will the Catholic Church survive? Among the tumultuous and feisty crowd of American Catholics that fills the pages of Catholics USA: Will They Survive? readers may find some intriguing and meaningful answers.

Among this group of extraordinary people are
Senator Edward Kennedy, Edward Malloy, president of the University of Notre Dame, General Alexander Haig,
novelist/priest Andrew Greeley, a young Catholic schoolgirl, a Catholic feminist, and others.

In the past few years a new group of Italian- Americans has reached positions of celebrity and influence on the national scene. Growing Up Italian sets out to determine how this happened-- and what develops from the mix of these two cultures--by interviewing many of this group's leading figures. Among the 24 celebrated Americans featured are Mario Cuomo, Tony Bennett, actress Julie Bovasso, painter Frank Stella, Yogi Berra, feminist Eleanor Smeal, Francis Coppola, Rudolph Giuliani, therapist Aileen Sirey, Ken Auletta, Robert Venturi, poet John Ciardi and 12 others.

Additionally, the book contains many never- before-published photographs from private family collections.

The skill of painting in oils in clear, precise text and demonstrations is here shared by a master teacher and painter, David A. Leffel, of the Art Student's League in New York. While Linda, the author, was a student at the League, she followed the teacher with notebook in hand as he spoke, demonstrated and critiqued student work. Later he developed special drawings and diagrams to go with the manuscript text and contributed his own paintings for reproduction.

The book has become a modern international classic of art instruction. For nearly two decades it has been on the art bestseller list, and two editions have been published in Chinese.

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"What a splendid book! It was much needed. The variety…and bringing them all together in such a readable fashion. Thank you for including me." Bishop Paul Moore, Jr., Episcopal Diocese of New York City
"Cateura does quite a job of getting a diverse group of Catholics to talk." James Brady, novelist, The Marines of Autumn
"Delightful samplers…of what it meant in an earlier America to grow up family-oriented, poor and immigrant." Richard Heffner, critic, The New York Times
"One of the best ever art instruction books! It is a book to own, and I base this on having read many art books, as well as my own experience as an oil painter. It is both enjoyable and profound. Oil Painting Secrets from a Master is FIVE STAR."