Books by Linda Brandi Cateura

Believers are bringing new challenges and startling lifestyles to an established religion

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Bishop Paul Moore
J. Willard Marriott, Jr.
Coretta Scott King
Scott Simon (NPR)
Betty Baker, others

LINDA BRANDI CATEURA depicts an extraordinary canvas of Protestants today. From an unlikely mix of people of different races, color and lifestyle, she introduces a "new" Protestant establishment that is bringing vivid life to an old religion. In these memoirs that she drew from personal interviews, she persuaded a wide range of believers of many cloths and backgrounds to speak out and openly reveal their inner thoughts, conflicts and aspirations. Not excluding traditional members, these memoirs include born-again Christians, ex-Catholics, gays, lesbians, shamanists, Confucians, Koreans, Chinese, and store-front Hispanics, many of whom are adding color and exoticism to a somewhat fading fabric.

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"What a splendid book! It was much needed. The variety…and bringing them all together in such a readable fashion. Thank you for including me." Bishop Paul Moore, Jr., Episcopal Diocese of New York City
"Cateura does quite a job of getting a diverse group of Catholics to talk." James Brady, novelist, The Marines of Autumn
"Delightful samplers…of what it meant in an earlier America to grow up family-oriented, poor and immigrant." Richard Heffner, critic, The New York Times
"One of the best ever art instruction books! It is a book to own, and I base this on having read many art books, as well as my own experience as an oil painter. It is both enjoyable and profound. Oil Painting Secrets from a Master is FIVE STAR."